Drip Fed Waste Oil Heating

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It's Getting colder here in New Zealand, Daylight saving has gone back an hour, give it a week or two and it will be cold again. I had my waste oil heater warming the house last night, nice and warm. The heater stayed on 350 degrees F all night, it was perfect.  Just by ducting the hot air it produced enough heat to heat the house up. Heat rises up the stairs heating the house and drying the cloths in the garage. Turning a waste product, which is normally not wanted, into a free energy source, to heat homes and water totally free is just brilliant If I can say myself.

If there is anyone one out there, who knows how to turn these types of heater into an energy/power producing system either via steam or other mean please get in contact. We would love to hear your ideas. 


These Waste oil Heaters are slowly taking over, the existing wood fire heaters in homes and shed's all around the world, I know from the amount of people that check this website out, and purchase the plans, it's growing fast.


I admit it's a little underground at the moment, but there's a lot of interest in these "drip fed waste oil  heaters".

 I now can trust mine, so once set to a temperature it won't alter from that all night and it's going to be all night soon. I turn it off at the tap, at night and go to bed without checking it is out now, it is that reliable.

Selling the complete units are a bit of a hit with my customers. There has been no complaints to date, which I find is great.  Mind due, who wouldn't be interested in free heating, after paying out dearly for all these years. Time for change maybe. So long as you have the ideal area for it of course.

I have a few guys building these waste oil heaters, off the plans at the moment, which I'm in contact with weekly, just to see how they are going and checking that they are having success with their build. Check out the customers waste oil heater builds Tab.  

I did an experiment last year with a bowl, lid & a flue (as above) and not one ounce of smoke came out of it, I couldn't believe how clean burning it was, there was nothing coming out of the flue but a vapour. This was because not a lot of air got into the firebox resulting in a very clean burn. So I have posted the results below in the video. I've welded all the holes up, look how she goes now. But that's only two lengths of flue remember. It will change again with more flue added.

It's now 11.20am and I have welded the holes in the tube, lit it,  but it started making that droughty sound which meant starving for air. Smoked like I don't no what, so I drilled 3, 10mm holes in the side of the rotor and welded up 4 of the holes on the rotor, looked up and no smoke at all, it works. It's a very tame fire and and a tall flame and it's still getting up to 200f easily and I would say uses less fuel not that that matters. I have placed the vid below for you to view. However now I have added 6 meters of flue pipe that's changed again, it now requires more air holes.

It takes me about 6 trips or so during summer, collecting enough waste oil in 20 litre plastic bottles normally 80 litres at a time to heat the home through all of winter. That's only as I full the car up with petrol. I don't go out of my way to collect it either, and it has to be free too as I'm never buying waste oil at any stage

The days of cutting live trees down for firewood and, splitting them up into pieces and storing them under the trees over summer to dry, then moving it to the wood shed then into the fire box then into the fire to burn is finally over. It use to be a major undertaking I know. 

The say firewood makes you hot 4 times.

 These Waste oil heaters with there water heat capibility are ideally suited for swimming pools, Spar-pools, batches, hot-water cylinders, radiators, underfloor heating using existing piping & pump, garages, hot houses or man caves, chook house, even camping, hot showers, or just where ever you require FREE heating. Free heating unheard of a few years ago.  

The oil that can be used in this type of heater is engine oil, from cars, or trucks, transmission fluid, diesel, fish & chip shop old waste oil and fat. 
Basically any oil will work in this heater and the best of all is all of the above is available locally and totally free.

How it works, oil in container is fed via gravity to the needle valve tap where is drips into the fry pan at about 3 - 4 drips a second. This will get the heater up to 100 Degrees C quickly.

When it is fully alight and the oil is burning hot, looking closely at it burning, there is nothing at all in the pan, but fire, but it looks like it is gas which is feeding it, when infact the oil is changing to a gas, quite amazing to see it auction.
It will burn one litre of oil an hour approx, at 200 degrees C till the oil either runs out, or you turn it off. 

The wetback will heat 40 litres to 50 degrees with the heater at 200 degrees, per hour.

It's the kind of heater, I now trust, I can leave it for hours go into town come back and it's sill the same as when you left. It doesn't alter, once you have it set to where you want it, and it has to be this way. I do use a brass needle valve for the oil feed. Needle valves makes waste oil burning safer, a real must. So if you are making one just from the website please invest in a needle valve, they aren't cheap, but well worth it. It has to be totally safe, not only it's burning but the place you install it.

Even though it's safe you still need to be careful. I had it in my new house and I watched it like a hawk and there would be no way of sleeping while it was going, however now it's outside in it's final position, and it's going to be keeping the radiator going 24/7, I'm fine with it. I'll sleep like a log now. 

Waste oil heater Plans for sale.

Make your own free heating.

Get it right from the start.

Guys it's getting very cold right, get the plans.

 i'm giving you a way to heat your home/water, year after year, totally free for Twenty bucks. I can't do any better than that.

Waste to Wealth.

Did you know 80% of the worlds waste oil is burnt for heating.

I can send them to anyone in the world so purchase now.

Keep warm.

 By now you would have seen all those smoke puffing waste oil heaters on youtube, some work, a lot don't and there are some that should never been started.

Guys showing video's of themselves just adding bits willy nelly to their heater without really knowing what they are doing until they light it.

 Well I'm not to sure wether that's the correct way to start building your new heater, all you will end up with is a big dark cloud above you.

We have done the hard yards for you, we sell waste oil heater plans & complete heaters units, that are proven to work with very little smoke, and they can heat you home totally free.

It's not a huge price.

My thoughts are, do it right from the start.

The hot pot 9 will do everything you ever wanted in a waste oil heater.

From heating your water and the air around you.

 Please click on the heater plans button below. 

The plans come with images of how to build and explains exactly how to build it properly and where to source the products.

I will help you throughout the build so you get it right the first time.


$20.00 NZ Dollars only

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After you have purchased your plans I am notified via Paypal that your payment has gone through.

I then check and send them to you via email.

I don't send by post, email only

Once you have received them, please send me an email to confirm you have received them.


Make your very own heater like the one pictured below.

Start cutting your power bills down today.

  We, in New Zealand, are going into summer, Canada & Germany and half the other side of the world are in winter.

I know it's getting colder over there, soon the snow will be 4 feet around your house in no time.

I have had this heater up to 650 f degrees very easy to reach and safe.

If your afraid of having one in your home, you can install it outside, running radiators, or underfloor heating inside your home. Then the oil heater can run all day and night without any worry. 

These are just amazing, there is no smell or mess in the home/garage at all from burning the oil, this is because it is sucking in air at the unit, and very little smoke

Not only does it heat the house for free, but it drys your cloths, and heats your hotwater cylinder too.


Come summer and you want to extend the swimming period of your pool,

 this will do it, or it maybe the spar pool or both. 

An email from a customer: 

Hi Hamish,

The plans look really good and i can see you have put some considerable thought into them.

Thanks again for the plans.


I've welded all the holes in the tub now look.


This website is current 

Updated Thursday 24th April 2014

Time of Day 2.11am

My Heater is running all day today cooling down grey day.

Am blowing the hot air into the house

Toastie. Running at 350 F degrees

Free music to listen to while watching your new fire.

This is great check it out  Pandora http://www.pandora.com/station/play/1776978853936941520

We use Steels Plumbing Ltd for all our Plumbing fittings, Excellent prices and service Thanks Tony & Glenda



We manufacture these heaters most weeks, infact we are building one now for a customer In the Waikato for his underfloor heating requirements. Imagine all that free hot water heating your home, the power save would be huge. 

Another one left for Wanaka late last week, he's just in the process of unpacking it and teeing it up to his hot tub. And your heater being completed as we speak, so pop the orders in and it'll be with you in no time at all. :)

You people from USA, Canada, (Toronto people you must be freezing), & people from Germany, that hit this website, it's time you purchase your plans and start building your waste oil heaters. 

Toronto's weather for the next 14 days


Germany's weather report for the next 14 days.


Leave those lovely trees standing.

Even if you don't build it this year at least you have the plans for a later date. 

If things here change and I might get a real job, an not beable to do this for you anymore. Time to purchase plans you will have this technology for ever then.


If you would like this sight linked to your website by all means go ahead.


Email me your website and I can pop it on here.

The latest heater on it's way to it new owner in Wanaka complete with wetback. Going to heat his hot tube nice.
Looking good there Ham. Got mine working great now.
I can now work in my garage when its cold outside. And i don't have to throw my oil away so i love this kind of heat! Thanks Doug.
The old faithful 2 years of keeping our home warm.
It's just too big and too much heat for our home so it is now off to Whangamata to heat a spar pool. 
Make sure the bubbles are from the blower not the heater. Thanks Doug

Another set of plans went last night 

Thanks to Micheal Carmen all the best with your build. Cheers Hamish

Another set of plans sold today  Thankyou John Ballagh.

More plans gone to Aussie Thankyou Les & Tracy. His reply  Thanks Hamish

The plans look great and I'll send you some pic's when I finished.

More plans gone to John Semosh Thankyou John. United States

Fitted the radiator onto the lounge wall, now ready for the next job drilling through the floor to fit the 20mm copper pipe, I hope there are no floor joist in the way. Best of all it's level

Started plumbing in the Radiator. I purchase 5 metres of 20 mm copper pipe.

Gone through the floor and looking good just thinking only got 4 metres left, I may need a few more metres of that 20 mm copper pipe. I'll wait till next week now we need new tyres on the wife's car first. 

I have a customer from Canada and he or she is always on this website 6- 8 times a day your IP address is  70,42,29,167 and you live near Nunavut Manitoba on the ice and I would like too have a chat with you as I have something for you to thankyou, Hamish 

Please make contact via the form at the bottom of this page.

This has been my waste oil heater unwrapped for the past two years.

It has been wonderful, all that free heat, at times too much heat, just too powerful for inside my home so it's been sold.

 I remember my daughter with here back door wide open in winter saying "it just too hot Dad", Not that it mattered wasting all that heat it was free anyway Kids.

Thanks Doug Hows it going for you Doug.

I started my hot pot 9 heater tonight, popped in the starter fluid, turned on the oil flow, and within a few minutes realise it was sounding wrong, the oil had build up in the pan, not too much, but enough to startup my own Chernobyl reactor. The temp wiped up, and the smoke became dark out the flue like you were burning tyres, and hello stand back, turn the feed off quick. The wife sticks her head out window it sounds like a truck coming down the street, You OK she said. I thought she would be use to that buy now with the experimenting stages, had a bit of that but with this big sod, however that was in the garage. It started blowing smoke rings out the holes in the tube very impressive luckily it is installed outside, for my sake. So don't let the oil build up at all or look out. 

It then went fine when it settled down with not a drop of oil floating in the pan just glowing ash. 

I must say that the water trap works so well, I haven't ever had that problem again.  

Fuel sources:    Energy content

* diesel             (~140,000 BTU/gallon)

* biodiesel        (~130,000 BTU/gallon)

* kerosene       (~140,000 BTU/gallon)

* trans / motor oil (~150,000 BTU/gallon) Waste oil.

* vegetable oil (WVO) (~130,000 BTU/gallon)

*Corn at 13% moisture ~ 7,316 BTU per pound

*Wood pellets vary ~ 8,000 BTU per pound

 Statistics are averages taken from various online websites.

The Hastings District Council doesn't allow waste engine oil being burned in anyway, yet in some cases it allows  Kroll heaters, and there are quite a few business using these waste oil systems, sound like the some pigs are better than other pigs syndrome, however I would say Canola oil from you local Kools Chicken Dairy is only 200,000 btus under waste oil. Still good for heating but will need filtering to get the chips & crumbs out of it.

My wife was about to pour a litre of used canola oil down the drain, how many people have done that before, I stopped her and said don't waste it I'll take it and heat the home with it for an hour. 

Check out www.youtube.com for more of the begining videos.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TALhsTcfy9E thiis was the testing the smoke stage.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jk-wrwdRZac The finished video same as above.

The results of burning waste oil for 6 hours at high temperatures. If you burn't for twelve hours, there wouldn't be to much difference in the amount of ash.  I used a small piece of towelling to start it, however I don't think this is required at all, as most of what's left is the towel. To remove it turn the pan upside down, most of it will fall off. 

When it is burning correctly all you see is flame, no oil floating at all in a pan. 



These Hot pot 9 heaters are for sale on www.trademe.co.nz should you wish to purchase through them. 

Waste oil heating free heat complete with wetback.

Please notice in the video above, that there is not a drop of waste oil anywhere on the ground. We do like to keep everything oil free. And there is No smoke at all when in operation. This heater has been up at 650 degrees F, it would go even higher however the temperature gauge doesn't.
This heater is clean burning and never smells of oil.

I have temporary install this heater in the garage, and been running it today to check for any smoke leaks, all good.

I have since installed it outside the home. 


To My Overseas Customers Thankyou so much for checking us out.

I see a lot of people from oversea's looking at this website, and I can see why, winter is approaching, heating becomes a major concern.

I have priced, to send a waste oil heaters over to USA, the freight price is for one unit is $600.00 NZ dollars, just not worth it. So get out in that shed today and start making one for yourself. Purchase the plans first.

I'm prepared to help you make your own, and help throughout the build.

All that is required to build this heater, is a welder, an angle grinder and a drill and steel

It is all set out in the plans, each step with images to show you what yours should look like. I have had people copy it from the picture then ask me a couple of weeks later, why theirs smokes like a --------- and mine doesn't, well there are a few secrets.

Buy it once for only $15.00 NZ dollars, and get it right from the start. Don't try coping it from the images and ending in a smoking out your neighbourhood on a still day. It happened to me a couple of times a few years ago now when, I began building these, how embarrassing, It's not funny when this happens at all. Thank god those days are over for good.

Thank's to Ozzirt Ozzirt, Jack of all trades JackofallTrades383, Rm Duck RmDucks you guys are amazing Thankyou.

All the best, and I will see you on the other side.

Regards Hamish also known as Fireman Jim on YouTube

 I do hope I haven't frightened you, out of waste oil heating, It has an amazing amount of energy stored in it, so if you still are interested in purchasing plans, then please do, click on the Buy Now button below.

All the best in the future guys and thanks a lot for viewing our website and thanks to www.webs.com for doing it all totally free too.

We accept all credit cards. Should you have trouble with Paypal payment system contact me and we can look at other ways around it.

Thankyou Hamish.

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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