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Drip fed waste oil heating .com

Currently we have waste oil heater builders in New Zealand, Canada, America.

Date 28/11/2022 

For purchases of anything off this site please email Hamish. 

New Zealand builder Hamish: [email protected]

Canada, Quebec builder David: [email protected]

America builder Jason Johnson contact details to come.

If you are a competent engineer and have the machinery to beable to complete the job to a high standard and is in America, Australia, Ireland

please contact Hamish. 

Plans blue flame waste oil heater.

Plans are available on the blue flame heater they are priced at $150.00 nzd or $93.25usd.

Email [email protected] your email we will send you a PayPal invoice which can be paid with either by debit card or credit card. Thankyou.

We also sell copper coils we have a range available at

Blue flame Technolgy

What is happening in the fire is the oil gets so hot it gasifiers the oil and it's the gases from the oil which are burning not the oil. By doing it this way, it eliminates any smoke and smell that you normally get when burning waste oil.

So, I can say these never smoke or smell.

Blue flame heater for more commercial use, large workshops aircaft hangers, hot houses.

Priced at $990.00nzd

Blue Flame heater 45kg.

Same heater as above but a bilge blower for the fan.

Priced at $950.00nzd

A blue flame heater in action.

This is the burn paint off the cylinder stage so excess oil has been used.

Copper coils to go inside the burner.

We do multiple coils, and we can do different sizes.

But these are what are used for water heating.

Add the cost to your heater depending on what you're heating.

1 x coil $349.00nzd. 

Fitted in our heaters this will heat

a spa pool under three hours.

2 x coils $698.00nzd.

These will heat a 50,000-litre pool.

3 x coils $1057.00nzd

These will heat an 80,000-litre pool.

The Waste Oil Controller

All the heaters come with a waste oil controller unit.

these keep the heater to the temperature you are wanting, should the flame ever go out the pump stops pumping oil.

Priced $179.00nzd

A heater I built to test a new type of blower.​