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www.drip fed waste oil

We ship all our products world wide, accept 45 kg cylinders. 

We sell controlled, safe, clean burning multi fuel heaters.

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We are under pressure to change the name from waste oil burners to diesel burners or multi burners, be by council cause of council saying that the exhaust is toxic, however I would find this true, if your burning waste oil in the open rubbish bin lid with no air forced air.

But as these blue flame heater never produce smoke, so i can't

 see that happening, these would be even cleaner than the clean air new wood log fires heaters, the Council allow which smoke. 

And with no smoke much cleaner than those dirty orchard heaters which are allowed.

It's seems to be ok by the Council for orchardists to burn these smoking, smelly heaters every 5 trees, and there would be hundreds, of them, just two miles down the road.  

So it comes down to the way its burnt, not the toxic air we breath.

Lets face it its burnt all over the world for heating it can't be that bad or we won't use it.

So from now on, these are now known as multi fuel heaters, they can burn either fuel but may pay to check first in your council area.

The blue flame heaters are very clean you can breath the exhaust they burn it all.

The home of the blue flame waste oil heaters. 

We've made quite a few designs over the years, but we have found these blue flame waste oil heaters, simply are the best.

If your looking for alternative heating source that's free to run, clean burning, and doesn't require much of your time, run for days, then you've found it.

The heat output of these heaters is incredible.

The cyclone type blue flame heater burns cleaner than any wood fire, and under control with our waste oil controller they will never smoke.

Now that's a big call, I know when it comes to waste oil heaters we know, they can smoke, but these don't smoke because the circling of the flame.

Check the video's below.

Our home waste oil heater which installed outside, yes outside, we have just changed it over to the blue flame cyclone type, which heats the radiator in our lounge between 70c & 80c and sits there all day, because it doesn't drop below 68c so it heats the house easily.

This radiator now heats the lounge, kitchen, hall, two bedrooms, stair well, and two bathrooms to 25c the old system would only heat the lounge.

We have heated our home for 15 years, for free.

If you've looking for an alternative form of free heating, to heat your home, workshop, farm shed, or pool.

Apart from the initial cost of setup, like any heater, the heating part is totally free, unlike 100% of heating systems that costs dearly. 

  Holcim cement plant in Westport used to take more than half of New Zealand's waste oil per year to burn, its closure has meant a glut of waste oil was becoming stockpiled. If every there was ever a time it's now.

And I have heard garages are now being charged to have their oil recycled, 10 cents a litre and $135.00 a pump out.

They'll be pleased to see you. 

If you are wanting to purchase anything from the website, it can be done on this website, however if you have no joy, email us, we'll get intouch, with prices, freight is extra, we would love to hear from you.

Email address. 

 They're designed to be installed outside, heating water, heat the home, pools, radiators, hot water cylinders,

dairy sheds, glass houses, chicken sheds, brewing, and underfloor heating.

We have supplied a lot of engineering workshops with these, fitted inside for radiant heat also a few aircraft hangars.

The power usage is minimal.

Adaptors are used to cut down the power from 210-240 volts AC to 12 volt DC 10 amps.

For off grid situation they can also run from a 12 volt car battery.

All overseas customers use PayPal for buying from this website. We find it the safest way to purchase online.
We as the seller get no information of yours from PayPal.
Apart from the payment has been made by you and your contact details you left.

We build heaters with multiple copper coils, depending on the amount of water volume you wish to heat.

We have found these heaters are very easy for customers to operate with the waste oil controller unit.

The controller unit does just that, controls the heater so you can trust it.

Gravity fed heaters are very dangerous, we don't do them. Don't recommend them.

Any questions on waste oil heaters please feel free to email us.

Our email: [email protected]

Contact Jim.

These are the prices for the new blue flame heaters.

All these heaters come with the waste oil controller unit the price is included.

We don't sell our heaters without waste oil controller units. They are an absolute must, in keeping them safe.

#1 Basic 1/2 a 45 kg heater only, no copper coil.

Price for a 1/2 cylinder 45kg Blue flame heater only. Buy Now. $538.00 usd = $750.00nzd plus freight.

This will heat up large workshops. These operate up & over 500c + are extremely clean burning no smoke.

These are the best heaters we have made, and so stable with the waste oil controller unit. Our heater that heats our house could burn for 15 days before needing cleaning the ash from the oil out.

#2 Heaters with one 15 metre copper coil fitted.

Price for as above 1/2 45kg cylinder with one 15 meter copper coilfitted Buy Now $817.00 usd = $1138.00nzd Plus freight. This heats spa pools 3 hours to 40c, small swimming pools to 20,000 litres, hot water cylinders, and a couple of radiators. These heaters can be run from a 20 litre container of waste car engine oil.

#3 Heaters for 50,000 litre swimming pools.

Buy Now $1206.00 usd = $1680.13 nzd plus freight. A 30 metre copper coil fitted. This heats larger pools 50,000 litres, multiple radiators, underfloor heating, large hot water cylinders. These heaters from here on your going to be burning long hours, therefore require, hydraulic oil and 44 gallon drums.

Please email us for this option. [email protected]

We are making these flat out and can't keep up with orders, they are a hit.

The idea was to get this to the blue flame but my thought is the fan needs to be stronger. It did go blue when I lit it, but didn't find that again in the three hours of burning. Luckily we have many fans to try. I'm happy it burnt clean and didn't smell.

This is for sale $750.00 NZD email us should you wish to purchase. Will fill up the oil container for you too.

This is in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

Second attempt with this heater was slightly hotter but the flame was on the verg of changing to blue. It's funny the flame goes almost clear before changing to the blue colour. The other different thing with this heater compared to the ones we have been building, it needs a pool of oil, were its gasifiers. So it doesn't go into that Chernobyl burn off, normal waste oil heaters can do, but it will smoke slightly if too much oil is poured in. But with too much oil the flame will climb up the cylinder instead of sitting at the bottom. Turn oil off until it burns off then on again.

We are building another one with stronger fan today.

Well, here it is, slightly stronger fan managed to change it to blue..

The breeze and the introduction of oil to the heater change it slightly but all in all successful. We are going to put a coil in this seems so much heat over 500c and on a 29c day it was very hot. We have since covered the top with a metal plate disc so you can cook on it, and fitted a flue housing to it to complete it.

The house heater and findings.

 I've been using our home blue flame heater for the 3 months or so, and over that time found the new blue flame to be perfect.

I light it with a cup of diesel and a piece of paper, turn on the oil, then the fan, away she goes. Gets to temperature quick.

I've found the temperature of the water which is going up to the radiator is 68c to 85c all night, and because it doesn't drop below that, the house gets warm and stays warm 23c - 24c. The heater never alters, never smokes so now I've taken the flue off it which hasn't effect it, no soot anywhere, it's brilliant, it runs like a gas heater so stable.

And turning off is quite a quick, turn off oil, the flame quickly extinguish turn fan off 5 minutes later. The only thing is the ash of the oil I'm burning needs cleaning out after 15 few days. But considering it's heating the house for basically free it the least I can do. Hydraulic oil doesn't build up ash at all, so it could burn all winter. 

We have four or five instock various sizes, call in and see them and get one in before winter. 

Blue flame heaters, How these work is by 1" of oil in the cylinder, this oil then heats up and the gases given off the oil, is what burns giving the blue flame. So it is gasifying the oil. The flame is in a constance cyclone at the bottom of the cylinder.

I had seen these a few years ago, and never thought it was possible using our waste car engine oil to reach a blue flame, and thought they where adding meth's to get that colour in the flame which isn't what we are about. But after the second time we built one success, it was amazing to see this lovely blue flame. My second thought, was is the blue flame hot enough, it heated that 45kg cylinder up in minutes peeling paint off at it reached 540c so yes it was hot enough, in fact couldn't stand next to it for long. Filming was an act, as the heat it produced was so hot i couldn't hold the camera over it for long. Thought I'd damage the phone. It was very clean burning too. There was nothing on the bottom to smoulder on so no smoke during and at shutdown. Hydraulic oil is best, you wouldn't need to turn it off over winter.

I am extremely over the moon with these, they are excellent. They don't do any thing nasty to you, like smoke or smell or get out of hand.

They are very boring and can be trusted to stay at the temperature you set it at.

This is currently in stock give us a call or email us New Zealand only. Thanks

This will be the new blue flame waste oil heaters, with & without coils the heat water.

As it is finished testing we are yet to finish it with the silver heatproof paint job.

A perfect size to heat spa pools stands 600mm high 800mm long x 380mm.

Would need concrete to sit on, as the bottom of it is where all the heat is.

It is amazing the heat that it producers, I connect the garden hose to the coil and turned on full, although water was pouring in to the oil and the flame couldn't to full temp, it was still heating the water. I soon stopped it too much water in the oil. But we are going to test the heating output and give figures of water temperatures in and out.

This is up for sale For $750.00nzd as heater only.

Mine has a wood foundation with steel over it for the fire proof site it smells of wood burning beautiful. We have to fix that but until we do it has the garden hose with a small trickle stopping it from igniting the wood.  

We are testing this heater today again, but with a copper coil fitted, we need to find out the water heating ability. 

We will post here later today.

 Re-light this heater today after finishing it, but used the wrong burner so it didn't turn blue but it certainly did fill the cylinder with flame and clean burning. Running just over 530c was tempting to throw a steak on it. I could image how good it would be to heat that pool with a coil fitted. I don't think they even need a flue, there burn that clean. Does stop flame from coming out the heater. 

Remove the lid of the cylinder first, degassing it first, making sure it fits the lid you have for it.

It had to be a level & straight cut.

Build the burner and fit level with the top.

Fit the lid or check it fits. Note no flue as yet.

Fit the fan to the burner bolt the to together & test . Attach heat guard so not to melt the plastic fan. Drill 10mm hole near base for to oil to enter the cylinder. I made a housing for the copper tub to fit into. Fan far to small to run it. 

This heater, after abit of thought yesterday we aren't using, because i have a copper coil spare didn't quite fit the od measurement so made a total new heater that fitted the coil. We are lighting it this morning and will post a video on the outcome. Hopefully enough to heat is pool below. We have adjusted the air holes which was wrong because there are too many so am welding those up to get it back to what it was.

We have found a use for this small heater which I put on the shelve for quite a while, our ibc container hot tub currently needs it, I removed the top of the ibc container today, going to put palings on the outside to look spa poolish. Heating pipe outlet & inlets to be fitted so is a pool filter. Yet to put the coper coil around the 6" pipe for the water heating. Watch as is completed over the next few weeks.

The pool, now has it's steps, we made a steel frame then screwed the boards to it, then bolted the fame to the pool.

It also has a level block base on a sand foundation to sit on 1600mm x 1200mm.

We have insulated with bates, pack it between the pool and the timber to keep warm.

Next it to fit the heater to the 1" pipes this week. Clean it out and fill, we'll be using pool chlorine tabs to maintain it.

Also a pool filter system we have from the old plastic pool.

With a lid on the top, keeps it very clean.

I've been in it 5 times over the summer and very nice. Plenty of room for two adults.

Well worth the effort.

Most expensive parts the timber and blocks and chlorine.

Waiting on the painter to finish her job.

I first imagined it to be abit like this, but not so. lol.

 Testing of other types of burners.

This is our current heater that heats the home has been upgradd to a blue flame heater.

The heater above is heating the 2 metre long radiator in the lounge direct from the copper coil via a circulation pump.

We have a sensor on the radiator which give us a temperature reading of HI, which we know the radiator is running over 75c, the room temperature is 21-22c and rising, outside is 10c. Very comfortable inside, have really only lit it 1/2 an hour ago, so it's doing well.

Now this heater runs for long hours probably around 10-11 hours today, so it's not a 5 minute wonder like the YouTube heaters you see. 90 percent of them are heating nothing and aren't being used to add warmth to a home or pool. Most are just flamethrowers heating the ground. We are more into using that free heat to save huge amounts of power.

 Copper coil to heat an outside bathtub, or the coils could be double to heat a spa pool. We have it for sale at $179.00 NZD.

$239.00 for the spa version.

It's 280mm Diameter and the extensions are 400mm long 12.7mm tubing x 3.5 metres.

Can light firewood fire under or around the coil or both to heat the water, or a gas ring with a rubbish bin lid ontop of the coil to keep the heat in.

Outdoor bath heating coil 415mm od coil to fit inside a 44 gallon drum. 15 metres x 12.7mm.

It's upside side down currently. The drums on feet, the top exits the bottom of the drum for the cold inlet.

A woodfire setup inside the coils, to get boiling water.

A small water pump maybe required.

Above the waste oil controller uint in action dosing 1 second of oil every 6 seconds in this case. The oil is pretty much all burn before the next lot arrive so there's no build up of oil in the pot. Note the water temp 82c.

We have developed this waste oil controller unit, because the simple fact is when oil warms or gets hot, the viscosity rate changes to twice the flow rate from cold oil. A Lot of guys on youtube haven't worked this out, because they still use taps. Extremely Dangerous.

So whether the oil is cold or hot the pump, pumps the same amount. The other reason why, is if the fire ever stopped, the thermostat turns the oil pump off at 30c. This saves waking up in the morning to a 205 litre oil slick on your pool or your yard covered in 1/4 inch of waste oil.

I couldn't think of anything worse.

The Ryco oil filter to the oil line, I have notice when i went to remove the pot to clean it (normally there's alot of white ash to get rid of) there was alittle black smudge on the steel, inside the pot with nothing to remove, and that's after 7 hours of use. Normally there's about 1 1/2 cups of ash. I wonder if filtering it to 18 mircon has changed it in some way. If anyone else has found this let us know.

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It's been difficult to source 45 kg cylinders at times, however we now have a steady supply of good quality cylinders, so if you would like one, to build your waste oil heater, or waste oil barbecue, they are available from us. The valves have been removed and they have failed their hydro tests so they cannot be used for gas.

Selling at $199.00 each. Plus freight.

The thermostat has been fitted, should the fire or in our case the water temperature ever drop below 40 degrees C the thermostat will kick in and turn the oil pump off, cutting out the fire and stopping any oil spills.

You should always have your heater sitting in a cut down 44 gallon drum capable in holding the same amount of oil as your storage tank ideally 20 litres if your still using gravity system.

Timer pump delivery system.

Not shown is the tubing and fitting to connect up the oil.

For custom built units please email: [email protected]

To operate the termostat press the left button once and alter the temperature by the + or - on the right.

It can operate both hot and cold temps but this option is H or C by holding down the left button for a couple of seconds and altering with the + & - buttons.

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Copper coil 15 metres x 12.7mm tubing

280mm Diameter x 350mm high. These can be made to 4 different diameter of coils.

BUY NOW $121.00USD