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www.drip fed waste oil

We ship all our products world wide, accept 45 kg cylinders. 

We sell controlled, safe, clean burning multi fuel heaters.

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Website update 4/10/2022 9.44 am

Note the shop is in USD & NZD $'s go to currency converter to find the price in your currency.

We are in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

Hawkes Bay.

email [email protected]

Can collect from Hawkes Bay. NEW ZEALAND

Builder of our blue flame waste oil heaters in Canada is David's email [email protected] 

Will be available to start 2 weeks.

 Blue flame waste oil heating Plans.

My wife, and my sister, have said that our plans are our intellectual property, and I'm selling them far too cheap considering what you get for that.

So, what do you receive?

A free heating system which can heat your home, work area, pool, and spa all for free.

Only thing difference from most waste oil heaters is this system is safe consistent and stays sets to a temperature day and night. 

There is nothing available currently that can do that.

Some customers are heating all three with one heater.

Blue flame waste oil heaters price at the payment end to $100.00 nzd or $61.66usd.

Now available in New Zealand.

The latest blue flame Waste Oil Heater Plans.

How to build your own heater, so it burns cleanly, and pumps out the heat.

These are very easy and quick to build and you'll get alot of satisfaction out of them.

These plans cover the building either our 45 kg as pictured. The 45 kg cylinder heater will heat large areas, or water should you wish to run radiators in your home.

Now you can use anything like steel pipe with caps on the ends, or old compressor cylinders or gas cylinders. So get started today and start saving not only on firewood but gas too. Once you have free heat you can start looking into all types of cooking & heating options.

The plans will be emailed to you as soon as we have been notified by PayPal of your purchase.

However sometimes, with time differences we will receive your order by the next morning. They will then be sent to you first thing the following morning. There is a person at the other end, sending these emails out so it's not fully automated as yet. 

Make sure you leave you email address.

Check out the waste oil burners on Facebook some of the guys have built these and showing them.

This free heat source is capable in heating all your hot water needs too.

We will help you build your heater should you require help, it'll be via email.

These heaters works extremely well, and if your into free heating it'll never be any cheaper.

Get the plans now so you have plenty of time to source the bits and have it built by winter, your family will be toasty warm.

I would think this system would last around 30 years, my heater is 15 years old now, and apart for the odd flake of rusty steel falling off it now and then from inside it, it's still very solid steel cylinder.

Turn that heater into a free hotwater producing system with this wetback.